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Working Campfires

We're creating small groups where peers can come together to exchange knowledge, ideas and support.

Groups are comprised of 6-8 members meeting regularly over a period of time, helping one another to navigate complex business and personal challenges.

The power of a supportive group of peers provides you:

  • Space to think out loud and get fresh, unbiased, perspective
  • Access to collective experiences, resources and connections
  • Ability to form partnerships and collaborations
  • A catalyst to think more creatively and expansively
  • Accountability in creating and attaining goals
  • A combined wisdom much greater than the sum of its parts

We're also creating Campfires within companies, offering a refreshing way to connect increasingly disconnected teams.

Axe white
Date: Feb 25th 2021
Time: 16:00
Exchange fresh perspectives on work-related issues with others around the Campfire.
Date: Mar 10th 2021
Time: 16:00
A space to meet and spark work-based collaborations with one another.
Date: Mar 22nd 2021
Time: 16:00
A group for Founders and CEOs to support one another's personal and business growth.

We're building this together

We're welcoming your ideas for Evening or Working Campfires so click below to suggest a topic.

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