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Founder Wisdom

A monthly event where founders gather to stay connected to who they are and what matters most.

When you build a business you are embarking on two journeys. The first to build a company and the second to the edge of what you are capable of. Most entrepreneurs are unaware of the second one until they hit it. Founder Wisdom will keep you ahead of the demands of running your business so it never runs you.

Your hosts are Dan Kieran and Andrew Wainstein. Two entrepreneurs who have been through the business lifecycle and have the scars and knowing smiles to prove it.

A community of founders who have walked in your shoes. A monthly live event in London with a talk followed by a Q&A and then a social meet up. Founder Wisdom is for entrepreneurs at all stages. From optimistic pre-launchers to cynical old hands.

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About the Hosts

Dan Kieran ('a true disruptor' - Richard Branson) is the co-founder of the multi-award winning publisher and was its CEO for the first eleven years, taking it from an idea on a piece of paper through funding rounds (seed, angels, crowdfunding, VC) to profitability while navigating Brexit and the pandemic. Author and editor of 14 books himself including Do Start: How to create and run a business (without it running you) and the Sunday Times Bestseller Crap Towns, he stepped down as CEO of unbound in 2022 but remains on the board as NED and now teaches publishing entrepreneurship at UCL.

Andrew Wainstein introduced fantasy football into Europe in 1991, and is the man responsible for its growth into the mainstream and its place in the fabric of football. Leading Fantasy League for three decades, Andrew learnt as much about himself as he did about what it takes to a business. He is now coaching founders to help them connect with what is uniquely theirs and what matters most, for their businesses and for themselves. He is also developing “Campfire” which is about bringing groups together for conversations that get to what’s important in life and work.

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"Campfire was an unanticipated resource I used to develop my thinking and planning around commercial projects. I have not done anything like this before, but this was well curated, structured and practical. It added significant value and I strongly recommend it".
Casimir Knight, Co-Founder & Board Advisor, Warriors Development Agency

“I found it incredibly though-provoking and useful and have already moved my business forward as a result of the group's input. Andrew is fantastic at making everyone feel safe and at ease, which helped to create an environment where we could all learn from each other.”
Whether you are looking for ways to turn an idea into something concrete, you have a problem or challenge that you are trying to resolve or looking for new ways to develop and grow, you will gain huge benefit from the programme and make some great friends and extend your network along the way.”
Katherine Lambert, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

“Campfire was a great opportunity to pause, reflect and get feedback on my plans. The other group members were similar enough to understand each other's lives, but diverse enough to give fresh perspectives on our thoughts and plans. I highly recommend Campfire for those who need to reflect and take stock.”
Ben Legg, Co-Founder & CEO, The Portfolio Collective

“Being part of a hand-chosen group of people with diverse backgrounds working on similar issues of personal development and business growth has exposed me to new ideas and perspectives that would have been difficult to replicate through other formats. The need to prepare for hotseats and set regular goals provided the accountability I'd been seeking. Most of all, I enjoyed meeting and working with a lovely set of people and I feel invested in their futures as well as my own.”
Pete Domican, Founder & MD, One Tree Less

“I found the sessions really valuable and it helped me to gain clarity on my next steps. I would definitely recommend Campfire for anyone looking to get the benefits of a group programme whilst also having guidance from Andrew himself.
Eleanor Turner, Head of Events, Bulgari Hotels

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