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Code of Conduct

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Our Code of Conduct is an important part of how we aim to build Campfire.

Campfire is about building a space for those slower, warmer conversations we’ve all enjoyed as we sit around a fire, long into the night.

This intention runs through our Evening Campfires, and similarly within our Working Campfires where we’re encouraging you to bring your whole self, relinquishing the professional façade that’s so familiar.

To generate this sort of atmosphere we need to be deliberate in how we interact with one another. This section describes how we’d like you to help us achieve this.

Confidentiality: what’s said around the fire disappears around the fire. Whatever is discussed in any conversation should not be shared with anyone who wasn’t present.

Respect: respect one another; respect one another’s individual experience and differences between you, respect what each person brings to the conversation.

Space: give one another space and time to talk, be comfortable in taking space and time for yourself.

Your whole self: Campfire is where you bring your whole self; so we’re encouraging you to remove the masks and layers that may be habitual for you in other settings.

No pitching or soliciting whilst we understand that business collaborations may arise from some conversations, such discussions need to be held outside of Campfire.

Discrimination, harassment, bullying or sexual harassment: we operate a Zero Tolerance Policy against any of this behaviour which should be reported to

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