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Campfire Conversations

Conversations that get to what’s important, helping your team find the insights and energy to create meaningful change.

For businesses to face their challenges and opportunities, it’s important to find perspective, embrace change and engage teams.

“Campfires” bring your team together for slower, more open conversations, carefully designed to stimulate ideas and insights around strategy, change, culture and people.

Here are some examples of topics…

  • What’s working, what’s not?
  • Where’s our untapped energy and potential?
  • Are well are we adapting to change?
  • What are our origins, identity and purpose?
  • What have we lost - and what you do we have to gain?
  • What’s it like to work here?
  • If our business was a person, how would you describe our life, our character, our relationships, our brain and our psyche?

Beyond the conversations, you will be...

  • Managing change with greater insight and coherence
  • Giving employees a voice and a stake in the organisation
  • Breaking down barriers - within teams and with leadership
  • Treating organisation as an interconnected whole
  • Building and enhancing relationships
  • Creating a new way of talking, a collaborative spirit

My three-decade journey leading a business has given me perspective of how important it is for businesses and leaders to know who they are so that they can evolve in the right way.

Combining this professional and personal experience, I help leaders step back from the noise and focus on what matters most – both for their businesses and for themselves. As the work often straddles leadership and the business it can be thought of as a blend of coaching and consulting.

We start with an initial conversation to understand where you are as a business and what you’re looking to achieve. From this we create an approach to fit your objectives, mapping out a series of one-to-one / group sessions to stimulate the thinking you need.

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