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"Let's crouch by the fire in the old way that's forever new"
Martin Shaw, Courting the Wild Twin

Fireside conversations in a changing world

Fireside gatherings allowed our ancestors to extend the day, unleashing imaginations and bringing them together for stories, myths and gift-giving.

Campfire is about keeping these slower, grounding conversations alive whilst everything around us is changing so dramatically.

Perhaps more than ever, we need these conversations to keep us connected with ourselves and one another.

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Conversations to warm our hearts and minds

Campfire is about bringing small groups of people together for conversations that stimulate us to explore; to get to what’s important.

We’re running two types of conversations:

Join us around the Campfire

About BW

Campfire Coaching

I introduced the concept of fantasy football to the UK in the early 1990's and over the last three decades I’ve learnt as much about myself as about sustaining a successful business.

Working as a coach I'm sharing my experience from this journey to inspire others to create more fulfilling lives and careers.

Alongside coaching I'm building Campfire as a way of bringing people together to slow down and discover more about themselves and their work.

Get in touch to explore coaching further.

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