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Coaching for Founders

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As a founder you have to care about every aspect of your business. You’re stretched in many directions, balancing competing interests and tackling complex issues. But often there’s precious little time to think out loud, to get the fresh perspective and insight you often need.

I've been where you have been; living and breathing the life of a founder of Fantasy League for thirty years. I understand what it takes to create, build and sustain a successful business; how important it is to remain connected to what matters most, how tough this can be, and how often you can feel pretty isolated.

Looking back, I can see many times when I could have done with a conversation to take stock of my situation and talk things through with someone who really cared about me, and who was 100% focused on helping me find the best outcome for myself and my business.

Now as a coach I’m offering this precious space to founders, underpinned by three decades of hands-on experience developing and evolving strategy and teams, building and marketing products to consumers and businesses.

I'm doing this in two ways. Via one-to-one coaching and by Founders Circles, groups of 6-8 founders supporting one another's growth.

In individual or group sessions these are the sorts of areas we may cover:

  • Purpose
  • Strategic direction
  • Investment
  • Effectiveness as a leader
  • Work-life balance
  • Team dynamics
  • Transition / challenges in your sector or within the business
  • Covid-related challenges
  • Exit planning
  • Succession planning

You’ll be able to use each session in whatever way you need; sometimes approaching issues more methodically and analytically, other times exploring more intuitively and emotionally; always aiming to land on what’s most important for your business, and in turn for you.

Find Out More

If you would like to explore one-to-one coaching or a Founders Circle group contact me via

We’ll start with an informal and confidential conversation to establish what you need, to ask questions and to give us a feel of working with another.

There is no fee for this session and no commitment to proceed.

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