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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re facing challenges or a crossroads in your career
  • You want to build a career that is more closely aligned with your values, talents and passions
  • You have a creative or artistic project you want to bring to life
  • You want to create a business from an idea or prototype
  • You’ve created a business and need help in how to develop it

I work with ambitious, talented clients who want to create work that is inspiring and rewarding; personally, professionally, creatively and financially.

If you are a founder click here to find out about Coaching for Founders.

If you're interested in joining a group where you can work supportively with others facing similar challenges click here.

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Working with you

After the last year you might be facing challenges in your job or freelance career, rethinking your work or looking at starting out on your own.

Our coaching will provide you with the time and space to talk through your situation, think out loud and get some fresh perspective.

You’ll be able to use each session in which ever way you need; thinking methodically and analytically, exploring more intuitively and emotionally; in time gaining more clarity on what’s most important and where your energy is strongest.

If it is important for you to build a career that brings out the best of you then we should work well together.

The sections below describe a few common scenarios faced by some of my clients.

You need help developing your business

As a founder you will face challenges at every point in your journey.

You will need to remain clear in communicating your vision and understanding your business’s proposition; you will need to build and nurture a solid team and culture; you will need to be creative, bold, resilient and adaptable.

You will need to remain an inspirational and energetic leader, even when under huge pressure at work and at home, and it may get very lonely at times.

Sharing experience gained over three decades running Fantasy League I can support you in tackling challenges such as these by ensuring that you can stay focused on what’s important for your business, and in turn for you.

For more information on Coaching for Founders, click here.

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You want to bring a business or artistic project to life

There's an idea that's been burning inside you for some time, or maybe it's emerged from challenges in the last few months.

You're struggling to take the first steps, or perhaps you've made a start and losing direction or confidence.

Whether you're building a business, writing, or creating art, you'll face similar obstacles. I know this road well; it can be scary and satisfying in equal measures.

I can support you in developing the rigour you’ll need to create your vision, whilst helping you to maintain focus and energy on what is uniquely yours; what you alone can bring to your work to make it exceptional.

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You want your work to reflect who you are

This may have been true some time ago, and it no longer feels so because of changes in your work, or perhaps within you.

From personal experience, I know how fulfilling it was when my work resonated strongly with my passions, and how as that began to fade, my satisfaction and success soon faded too.

I will support you to imagine a bold vision for your career; allowing you to think in an expansive, creative and brave way about what makes you tick and how you might feel most fulfilled.

You may need to suspend the image you’ve always drawn of yourself, or that you feel others expect of you. You may even need to make what feel like sacrifices, but the rewards for making the right choice will more than make up for anything you may leave behind.


You want to develop your freelance, creative or consulting career

If you're self-employed you've faced unprecedented challenges this year, which mean you need to be more adaptable, resourceful and creative than ever .

I will help you to gain a clear understanding of your strengths and your market so that you can take it forward to design or evolve your work to meet a fast-changing world.

Whether you are in the creative, media or business sphere, or indeed any mix of these, I can support you as you develop your work in different directions or towards new areas and targets.

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You’re at a career crossroads

You have worked in a particular role or field for some time; but now things have changed. The company or sector has undergone significant changes; the team or leadership is different; or perhaps things just no longer feel right.

It may have been a long time since you felt fulfilled by your work, so it’s important that you’re excited by what comes next.

From a clearer understanding of your experience, skills, values and passions you will be able to look towards an original, imaginative career that brings together the best of all of these.


Find Out More

If you’d like to explore coaching please email .

We’ll start with an informal conversation to understand what you’re seeking from coaching and to explain how we work together. It will also give you the chance to ask questions and for us to get a feel of working with another.

This session is free and with no commitment to proceed.

At present I'm predominantly working with clients via Zoom but am also able to offer face-to-face coaching for clients subject to Covid restrictions.

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