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Here is some feedback from a few of my coaching clients.
Working Campfires BW
“Andrew managed to strike the balance between allowing our sessions to have the breadth to cover a wide range of both professional and personal goals, whilst maintaining the thread to help me get clear on what was important. He also really helped me understand the inflection points in my journey so far, and how I might learn from these.”
"Andrew is an intuitive, incisive, and empathetic coach who takes a genuine interest in his coachees’ endeavours, asking pertinent questions, listening intently and responding with useful goal-setting techniques. After each of our sessions, I felt inspired and empowered to move forward with my project."
"Andrew was incredibly helpful in listening to my status quo, taking the time to understand what I was looking for and helping me to refine my career choices. He is warm, thoughtful and encouraging, and the sessions were relaxed and friendly: I felt like I was speaking to a friend. I have come away from the sessions with the actions and confidence to take forward my ideas to make meaningful change."
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