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Campfire Circles

Be. Do. Have.

A chance for you to set clear purposes for the year ahead.

This is a Campfire that allows you to focus on what really matters for you in 2021.

We’re inviting you to distil your vision for your year into who you’d like to BE, what you’d like to DO and what you’d like to HAVE. Allow yourself to write down whatever comes to mind; thinking wide and narrow, considering work and personal, goals that can be feelings or concrete targets.

Then as you sit around the Campfire with others, sharing ideas, gaining fresh insights and clarity on what feels most important, by the end landing on your core BE, DO and HAVE for the year to come.

Date: Jan 20th 2021
Time: 17:00 to 18:30
Location: On Zoom: link provided when booking
Event has passed
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