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The Search for Gold

Excited to launch a new programme that’s very close to my heart.

I’ve always been pulled towards “live to work” rather than “work to live”; which I first experienced in my twenties when I left a graduate corporate career to start Fantasy League.

The business was like a tuning fork, resonating perfectly with who I was and what I was passionate about, and from this perfect sync both of us thrived. Over time this connection ebbed and flowed, I lost track of what I really wanted, the business also lost its way so it didn’t always feel right.

It taught me the importance of keeping hold of what is uniquely yours and what matters most, so that you can bring it alive in whatever you do.

I’m still involved with Fantasy League but only in the way that makes sense for both of us, which allows me to once again be pulled towards what I need to do. Right now, that’s coaching people to find where this resonance lies for them; whether within their careers, their businesses or their lives as a whole.

And after two inspiring pilots I’m excited to launch a programme that is all about this, called Finding Your Gold.

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