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The point against which a lever is placed to get a purchase, or on which it turns or is supported.

As we live our lives, there are times when we feel a seismic shift coming our way.

There are moments when we feel out of step with our lives.

Somewhere that has felt comfortable now doesn’t fit with how we see ourselves or what we want. This feeling might be around our work or across different aspects of our life.

You might be feeling one or more of these things;

  • You have low energy
  • You feel unmotivated
  • You feel an increasing sense that something is missing
  • You know what you don’t want, but you don’t really know what you do want
  • Your see your confidence waning
  • You feel lost

This struggle is not unusual, and in fact it can be a hugely important and creative time.

It may often arise around your work, but it may need a wider exploration, around the core of who you are and where you can find meaning in your life.

Fulcrum is programme to help you find the bit of you that has got lost, perhaps for a long time. It’s about finding your spark – what makes you uniquely you - that once revealed can give you the purchase to make meaningful changes in everything you do.

A series of facilitated group sessions and ongoing exercises over a period of three months that helps to you explore and understand how you can live and work in a fulfilled, aligned way.

Details to come in early 2022.

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