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Company Campfires

Gift Giving

One of the customs of fireside gatherings was for communities to bring gifts as offerings to one another.

Inspired by this tradition, we're inviting you to bring your own "gift" to this Campfire.

Your gift can be anything you wish; a story or an idea; a recommendation or advice; a struggle or an insight; an object that has meaning for you.

As we sit around the Campfire, exchanging our gifts and the stories behind them, we will each be sharing an offering that is precious to us and so will be valuable to others.

The intention is for this to offer a refreshing way of bringing a group or a team together to connect and ground with one another.

Just to be clear, there's no need to bring along a tangible version of your gift - just to explain it - but if you would like to show something then that is welcomed too.

Location: Within your company or team
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