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Campfire Circles

Campfire Circle // Consultants & Freelancers

We're starting a small number groups in Spring 2021 for freelancers and consultants to support one another in developing their work.

Being self-employed you might have faced unprecedented challenges in the last year and may need to be rethinking how you work, your offering or positioning and perhaps considering changes that have significant personal or financial implications.

This group allows you to connect with fellow freelancers or consultants who are facing similar issues, but whose different backgrounds mean each can offer a fresh perspective.

Join a committed group of 6-8 peers meeting regularly over a period of time, creating a powerful framework to work towards major personal and professional goals.

The group will offer you:

  • Space to think out loud and get fresh, unbiased perspective
  • Support from others who face similar challenges
  • A forum to share experiences and ideas
  • Access to resources and connections
  • A chance to build partnerships and collaborations
  • A catalyst to think more creatively and expansively
  • Accountability in creating and attaining goals

The power of a group working together - stronger than the sum of its parts - offers you a unique space to build lasting relationships and grow personally and professionally.

We're pulling together a few groups to start in Spring 2021.

Talk to Andrew if you're interested in joining.

Date: May 20th 2021
Time: 16:00 to 18:00
Location: On Zoom: link provided when booking
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