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Campfire Circle // Consultants & Portfolio Careers

A group for you to work alongside peers to develop your offering.

Working on your own can be challenging and isolated.

Even more so after the last year. The changing landscape means you’ll need to be strategic and adaptable in how you build your offering, position yourself and develop your network.

You might be grappling with a number of decisions, opportunities or challenges but you may not have anywhere to properly think them through.

This Circle is a rare opportunity to work with peers who are navigating similar issues, but whose varying experience can offer you objective, valuable insights.

By joining a group you’re giving yourself a precious resource; a team, a coach, a mentor and a confidant that offers you:

  • A place to be strategic about what’s most important
  • Space to think out loud and get varied, unbiased perspectives
  • Support from others who face similar challenges
  • A forum to share experiences, ideas and resources
  • A catalyst to help you think outside of the box
  • A chance to build partnerships and collaborations
  • Accountability in creating and attaining your goals

The power of a group - stronger than the sum of its parts - offers you a precious opportunity to develop an effective offering, and the support and resources to move towards it.

As the group evolves, you embark on a journey together, building relationships where you care about helping one another towards meaningful changes in your careers and lives as a whole.

Email if you'd like to find out more.

Read below for how it works...

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How it Works

  • Members: each group is comprised of 4-6 participants
  • Meetings: 2 hours each fortnight (meetings on Zoom)
  • Hotseats: members take turns in the “Hotseat”, presenting a specific issue for feedback from the group
  • Accountability: set goals at each meeting, report on goals from previous meeting
  • One-to-one coaching: optional monthly 60-minute session
  • Group channel: connect via Slack between meetings
  • Duration: 9 weeks (5 meetings)
  • Pilot price: £270


  • Introductions: Thursday June 24th, 3pm-4pm BST
  • Meeting 1: Thursday July 1st, 3pm-5pm BST
  • Meeting 2: Thursday July 15th, 3pm-5pm BST
  • Meeting 3: Thursday July 29th 3pm-5pm BST
  • Meeting 4: Wednesday August 11th, 11am-1pm BST

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