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Company Campfires

A refreshing way for your team to connect with one another.

With teams increasingly working remotely, there's less opportunity for the conversations that fill the gaps and foster more rounded relationships.

A Campfire conversation means stepping away from the day-to-day and finding a different way of interacting. Our topics encourage people to share and explore together, giving them the chance to get to know more of one another.

We work closely with you to develop the right topics for your team so please get in touch to discuss this together.

Below are a few suggested topics we can run for you.

Kettle small

Feedback from Campfires

“a wonderful place to meet and discuss interesting topics with new friends”

“something interesting always emerges”

“a chance to make connection, a revelation, and to be inspired and inspire”

“I enjoyed the people, the depth of conversation… being heard… listening to others”

“the quality of the conversation, the intimate, open minded, spontaneous, honest tone”

“a peaceful reflective atmosphere… the willingness to listen and speak is fairly unique.”

“a way to ‘take some time’ from work, family, etc… a time to explore ideas and learn from others”

“a very special evening and look forward to more"

Join us around the Campfire

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