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My Approach

My approach brings together my experience and skills from my career, training and lived experience.

From leading a business I bring rigour and experience of nurturing teams, from my AoEC training I bring a strong grounding in coaching principles and practice, and from my life experience I bring a growing self-awareness through psychotherapy, men's groups and a career that has taught me the value of knowing and trusting oneself.

Meeting you where you are, we find a pace and a process that is fluid and responsive to your needs, from which you can gain meaningful insights that help you move towards lasting change.

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Find Out More

If you’d like to explore coaching please email .

We’ll start with an informal conversation to understand what you’re seeking from coaching and to explain how we work together. It will also give you the chance to ask questions and for us to get a feel of working with another.

This session is free and with no commitment to proceed.

I work with clients via Zoom and face-to-face.

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