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Conversations that get to what's important

Our Campfires bring groups together for conversations to slow down and explore together.

Our Business Campfires bring teams together to connect in a refreshing way.

We're also launching a series of Campfires for Men in Midlife to share experiences and ideas around this pivotal stage of life.

If you're interested in hosting a Campfire please get in touch and we can develop topic ideas together.

Here's a selection of the themes and topics we've run so far...

Evening Campfires

Campfire topics

Hands Won B
Gift Giving
Inspired by Campfire traditions, bring a gift to the fire; a story or a quote, insight or advice, an object that has meaning for you.
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Pivotal Moments
What are the experiences and journeys that have been most important in different areas of your life?
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If I Could Fix One Thing
If you could fix one thing in your work or your life right now, what would it be?
Dowsing stick
Where's My Gold?
Each of us have qualities in our live and our work where we uniquely shine. Do you where yours are?
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What Three Words?
What three words sum up where are are, what matters most and what you're heading towards...

What people are saying

“something interesting always emerges”

“a chance to make connection, a revelation, and to be inspired and inspire”

“I enjoyed the people, the depth of conversation… being heard… listening to others”

“the quality of the conversation, the intimate, open minded, spontaneous, honest tone”

“a peaceful reflective atmosphere… the willingness to listen and speak is fairly unique.”

“a way to ‘take some time’ from work, family, etc… to explore ideas and learn from others"

"I really liked the idea of meaningful conversations and not just small talk on Netflix shows”

Join us around the Campfire

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