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Campfire Circle // Taster Session

Get a feel for a Campfire Circle by joining a taster session.

It can be difficult to find somewhere to think through tough decisions or concentrate on your most important goals.

Our Campfire Circles bring people together, meeting regularly to bounce ideas and support one another in developing their businesses and careers.

Becoming part of a close-knit group you will find:

  • Time to focus on what’s important - for your business and you
  • Somewhere to realise important goals, to get a clear sense of direction and purpose
  • Somewhere to bring difficult decisions and vet solutions, to reduce uncertainty
  • Smart minds to bounce ideas and brainstorm; helping you to make better decisions
  • Peers who'll broaden and challenge your thinking; clarity from feedback that's free of bias or any conflict of interest
  • A space to think out loud; to be listened to, recognised, challenged, inspired
  • A shared understanding with peers who know what it takes to run a business
  • Somewhere to share experiences, ideas, contacts and resources; to build relationships and partnerships

The combined wisdom of a group - stronger than the sum of its parts - offers you a unique space to focus on what matters most, and the support and resources to move towards it.

Join a Taster Session

July 22nd 3-4pm
July 27th 4-5pm

Both sessions will take place on Zoom.

Contact to reserve your place or find out more.

Our Campfire Circles:

We’re building Circles for founders and Wisdom Circles for mixed groups of professionals to come together to support one another.

Founders Circle

Wisdom Circle

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"Campfire was an unanticipated resource I used to develop my thinking and planning around commercial projects. I have not done anything like this before, but this was well curated, structured and practical. It added significant value and I strongly recommend it".
Casimir Knight, Co-Founder & Board Advisor, Warriors Development Agency

“I found it incredibly though-provoking and useful and have already moved my business forward as a result of the group's input. Andrew is fantastic at making everyone feel safe and at ease, which helped to create an environment where we could all learn from each other.”
Whether you are looking for ways to turn an idea into something concrete, you have a problem or challenge that you are trying to resolve or looking for new ways to develop and grow, you will gain huge benefit from the programme and make some great friends and extend your network along the way.”
Katherine Lambert, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

“Campfire was a great opportunity to pause, reflect and get feedback on my plans. The other group members were similar enough to understand each other's lives, but diverse enough to give fresh perspectives on our thoughts and plans. I highly recommend Campfire for those who need to reflect and take stock.”
Ben Legg, Co-Founder & CEO, The Portfolio Collective

“Being part of a hand-chosen group of people with diverse backgrounds working on similar issues of personal development and business growth has exposed me to new ideas and perspectives that would have been difficult to replicate through other formats. The need to prepare for hotseats and set regular goals provided the accountability I'd been seeking. Most of all, I enjoyed meeting and working with a lovely set of people and I feel invested in their futures as well as my own.”
Pete Domican, Founder & MD, One Tree Less

“I found the sessions really valuable and it helped me to gain clarity on my next steps. I would definitely recommend Campfire for anyone looking to get the benefits of a group programme whilst also having guidance from Andrew himself.
Eleanor Turner, Head of Events, Bulgari Hotels

Join us around the Campfire

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