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Campfire Circle // Taster Session

Get a feel for a Campfire Circle by joining a taster session.

As we work more and more on our own, we need others to help us think with perspective about our businesses and careers.

Our Campfire Circles bring people together, meeting regularly to bounce ideas and support one another.

Join a taster session where you'll see how our groups work together.

As you become part of a close-knit group you will find:

  • Space to think out loud and get varied, unbiased perspectives
  • Support from others who face similar challenges
  • A forum to share experiences, ideas and resources
  • A catalyst to help you think outside of the box
  • A chance to build partnerships and collaborations
  • Accountability in creating and attaining your goals
  • A combined wisdom much greater than the sum of its parts

Join a Taster Session

June 9th 4-5pm
June 17th 4-5pm
Meeting ID: 886 7155 9386
Passcode: 322765

Contact to reserve your place or find out more.

Our Campfire Circles:

We’re building separate groups for business owners, consultants / portfolio professionals and anyone facing a career transition to support and share ideas with one another.

Campfire Circle // Founders & Leaders

Campfire Circle // Consultants & Portfolio Careers

Campfire Circle // Career Transformation

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